18K White Gold Chocolate Diamond Dangle Earrings

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Beautifully crafted in 18K white gold, these chocolate diamond earrings will dangle weightlessly and flawlessly from your ears. At their center, two outstanding Rose-cut Pear Shape chocolate diamonds measuring to a total carat weight of 1.02 carats, followed by a spaced double halo of bright white diamonds. hanging from the second pear shape halo are 10 diamond links with bold warm-toned Briolette chocolate diamonds. These diamonds are elongated pear shaped gemstones cut with facets, and are drilled to hang as a bead. These ten chocolate diamonds measure to a diamond total carat weight of 2.00 carats, the round diamonds measure to a total of 1.49 carats.

Category: Fine

Metal Karat Wt: 18.0

Metal: White Gold

Sku: 210000002081

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