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Evolution 9

Evolution 9 speaks to the next generation with its confident lines, powerful presence and quiet radiance While drawing on its deep roots in the traditions and culture of Japan.

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The Elegance collection is where Grand Seiko’s Japanese aesthetic and the purity of the designs combine to ensure that the elegance is everlasting.

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The Heritage Collection is the very heart of Grand Seiko and emphasizes well-balanced design and the simple, pure essentials of watchmaking.

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The Sport Collection offers a wide and enticing selection. Legibility and durability are qualities that the discerning sports watch lover needs and desires.

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Not Just Telling Time, Living in It

Grand Seiko. Alive in Time.

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Zaratsu Polish

To create a distortion free finish on the beautifully mirrored surfaces of every Grand Seiko, polishing specialists rely on the Zaratsu Process.

unlike most polishing, Grand Seiko's Zaratsu polish uses a flat wheel to create mirrored surfaces. These surfaces, like the large chamfer of the 44GS case, can reflect the smallest of details with impeccable quality.

Spring Drive

"Driven by a spring but delivered the precision of an electric watch." In the 1970's Yoshikazu Akahane, an engineer at Suwa Seikosha wanted to create an everlasting watch. The creation of a traditional watch powered by a mainspring bringing the watch the similar functions of an electrical watch.

The seconds hand of a Spring Drive watch has no “tick” but glides smoothly and silently across the dial. This glide motion hand expresses perfectly the Japanese conception of time as ever-flowing. Spring Drive is a mechanical watch with the a quartz heart, combining the beauty of mechanical timekeeping with electronic accuracy.

HI Beat

In order to improve overall accuracy, Grand Seiko has increased the oscillation rate of the balance enhances the watch's resistance to external shocks. A novel blend of exceptional precision, robustness, and an extended power reserve within a movement that ensures each watch meets the legibility, size, and wrist comfort standards demanded by the Grand Seiko Style.

Grand Seiko: The Epitome of Japanese Craftsmanship

Grand Seiko stands as a testament to Japanese precision and artistry, with every component crafted in-house to ensure the highest level of quality. Each watch undergoes detailed finishing by skilled artisans, exemplifying the brand's commitment to excellence.