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The TYPE 1 collections are designed to reaffirm the beauty of simple and sensual shapes.

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The TYPE 3 engages with physics like no watch before. A new sense of clarity and immediacy, more, thanks to reduced friction, greater mechanical efficiency too.

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The TYPE 5 has been designed to be wearable every day, both in and out of the water.

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ressence watches


TYPE 8 is designed for ergonomic comfort and maximum legibility. It is powered by a traditional automatic movement.

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 ressence watch

"Express Time in the purest possible way."

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Ressence employs a variety of curved discs in their dials, seamlessly integrated with the ROCS system, bringing the entire dial to life. Each Ressence TYPE features its own dedicated ROCS modules tailored to its unique dial curvatures and design.

unique watchmaking:

Oil Filled

Two separate sealed chambers, one filled with oil and the other side filled with air. They call this effect the "water drop." The watch's dial appears even closer to the naked eye because of the oil's light refraction. The functions are constantly lubricated for an efficient and smooth movement with no interruptions.

unique watchmaking:

Magnetic Transmission

An innovative magnetic transmission is employed, involving multiple interconnected micro-magnets strategically placed within both the upper and lower halves. With this feature, the minute information is then transmitted to the ROCS.

Ressence Watches

Elevate your watch repertoire with a Ressence Watch from our collection at Burdeen’s Jewelry. Since 2010, Ressence has redefined watchmaking,
blending professional craftsmanship with industrial design for visually
striking, technologically advanced timepieces.

The various Ressence Watch Types we offer in our collection include:

TYPE 1: Timeless Simplicity

Experience the appeal of simplicity with the sleek and smooth shapes of the TYPE 1 collection. Each watch comprises of 212 carefully crafted components, ensuring precision and reliability. The revolutionary Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS) delivers exceptional readability day or night.

TYPE 3: Engaging with Physics

Engage like never before with the visionary TYPE 3 collection. Flooded with 3.75 ml of oil, it cancels light refraction for enhanced clarity. Possessing a patented ROCS and a distinctive pebble-like design, it offers an innovative and captivating experience.

TYPE 5: Dive into Excellence

Designed for everyday wear, the TYPE 5 collection withstands the elements with ease. Immersed in 3.57 ml of oil, its complete ROCS module ensures clear underwater readability. Manufactured from grade 5 titanium, it’s ergonomic and lightweight for any adventure.

TYPE 8: Maximum Comfort, Maximum Legibility

Experience maximum legibility and comfort with the colorful and playful TYPE 8 collection. Powered by a traditional automatic movement, its rotating titanium backing allows for effortless time setting and winding. Streamlined and always readable, it’s a modern interpretation of classic horology.

Discover the Ressence Watch for Yourself

Discover the craftsmanship and design of Ressence Watches at
Burdeen’s Jewelry. Call us today at 847.459.8980 or contact our team online to explore our collection and find your perfect Ressence Watch. Enhance your style with innovation and sophistication.