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Need Your Jewelry Repaired?

Our in-store repair shop is staffed by master goldsmiths that are trained in all aspects of fine jewelry maintenance and repair. Most repairs are performed on-site and completed within just a few days. We use advanced techniques, including modern laser welding, allowing for delicate repairs not attempted by less-equipped shops. We restore your old family treasures and offer free estimates for jewelry repairs.



The polishing service will consist of buffering out the imperfections on your items leaving the surface of your jewelry sparkling and like-new. Another excellent option is refinishing your items by rhodium plating the metals. Speak to our experts for more information.


We offer chain and clasp replacement of broken necklaces and bracelets. Our jewelers will solder the metals back together with precision. Our jewelers will ensure your pieces are ready to wear.


Our on-site jewelers can revamp the look of your beloved jewelry with the following services:

- Re-tipping
- Head & Set
- Stone Tightening
- Stone Replacement


Making sure your ring is the correct size is essential to maintaining its stability. We can seamlessly assist by sizing your finger in-store and resizing your pieces.