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Article: What Makes the Latest Omega Watches Stand Out?

What Makes the Latest Omega Watches Stand Out?

What Makes the Latest Omega Watches Stand Out?

What Makes the Latest Omega Watches Stand Out?
Omega is a longtime leader in the world of watchmaking, setting the standard for excellence when it comes to the creation of luxury timepieces. As a Swiss watchmaker, Omega is committed to the development of watches that feature exceptional precision and overall innovation. If you’re thinking “Omega watches, where to buy?”, Burdeen’s Jewelry, is your source for a large selection of pre-owned and new Omega watches.
Below we take a closer look at why some of the latest Omega watches stand out so clearly as must-haves for the luxury watch connoisseur.

Superior Craftsmanship
The creation of every Omega timepiece has as its foundation in the application of detailed craftsmanship. Going back to 1848, Omega has been developing a rich history of watchmaking expertise, which has culminated in the latest watches produced by the legendary brand. These watches feature an extraordinary level of precision, immaculate finishing, and superb detailing.

Omega manufactures all their watches in-house, with each timepiece providing exceptional reliability and accuracy. Superior craftsmanship is the notable feature of these watches, whether the sophisticated Seamaster, legendary Speedmaster, or timeless Constellation.

Cutting-Edge Technology
As a brand that continually pushes the envelope of watchmaking innovation and technology, Omega utilizes state-of-the-art materials and other features to ensure the longevity and reliable functionality of its timepieces, including its latest models.

As an example, the Master Chronometer certification featured with most of the new Omega watches helps raise the performance level of these timepieces in relationship to water resistance, magnetic resistance, and accuracy. In addition, an innovative technology – Co-axial escapement – significantly decreases friction during movement, resulting in greater precision and less required maintenance.

Omega Watch

Timeless Designs
The Omega design philosophy incorporates contemporary features with timeless aesthetics. The brand offers timepieces that accommodate a wide variety of styles and tastes – everything from modern to vintage.

Some of the most recent Speedmaster timepieces reflect the famous Moonwatch, while also incorporating modern features such as coaxial movement and more complications. The Seamaster Diver 300M features a characteristic wave pattern on its dial while also utilizing materials that provide improved durability, such as ceramic and titanium.

The Omega watch brand continues to serve as a benchmark for luxury timepieces with its ever-present commitment to watchmaking excellence.

To learn more about the various Omega watches we offer at Burdeen’s Jewelry, check out our Omega online store, give us a call today at 847.459.8980

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