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Article: Top 5 Norqain Watches for the Avid Explorer


Top 5 Norqain Watches for the Avid Explorer

Top 5 Norqain Watches for the Avid Explorer
If you are an adventurer or an explorer and need a timepiece that can handle the challenging conditions of the outdoors, while also providing exceptional functionality and style, Norqain watches fit the bill. Founded in 2018, the Norqain brand has acquired a reputation for producing Swiss-made watches that are dependable, durable, and ideal for exploration enthusiasts. At Burdeen’s Jewelry, we offer an array of Norqain watches that are uniquely designed for the adventurer and explorer.

Below, we cover the top five Norqain watches ideally suited for avid explorers:

  1. Norqain Adventure Sport

Tailored for those who desire to engage in sport and adventure, the Norqain Adventure Sport collection is designed to endure the elements. It features scratch resistant sapphire crystal, a stainless-steel case, and a 100 m water resistance. The watch is also easy to read in various lighting conditions with luminous hands and oversized markers. When adventure awaits, this watch will continue keeping time with its 70-hour power reserve.

  1. Norqain Freedom 60 GMT

Whether you are a worldwide adventurer or a common traveler, the Norqain Freedom 60 GMT features a durable construction with its robust stainless-steel case. The watch features GMT complication enabling the simultaneous tracking of two time zones, something uniquely beneficial for jetsetters. Perfect for outdoor adventures or those simply on the go, this luxury timepiece gives you a stylish look with reliable functionality.

  1. Norqain Adventure Neverest Night Sight

Offering superior luminosity, the Norqain Adventure Neverest Night Site Watch features a luminescent material called Super-LumiNova, which provides a powerful, long-lasting glow in lowlight conditions. This watch also includes tritium gas tubes on the markers and the hour hands. As a self-illuminating radioactive isotope, tritium requires no external light source – it produces a continual glow that is ideal for adventures at night. It also features a 100 m water resistance, allowing for such adventurous activities as night diving, ocean or lake swimming, moonlight sailing, and other aquatic adventures.

  1. Norqain Neverest Glacier Watch

The icy white dial combined with stainless-steel case of the Norqain Neverest Glacier watch reflects the extraordinary beauty of glaciers. The dial of this watch features a glacier-like texture giving it exceptional character and depth as a timepiece on your wrist. The precision and reliability of this watch is powered by a Swiss automatic movement making it the perfect reliable timepiece for an explorer.

  1. Norqain Wild One

Having a 100-meter water resistance, the Norqain Wild One is ideal for use during a variety of aquatic adventures. The watch features a robust NORTEQ case, capable of withstanding 5000g of shock force. NORTEQ also allows the watch to be scratch resistant, withstanding the beating and banging of outdoor exploration. This watch features a timeless, sleek design that makes it ideal for use in both the great outdoors and a casual night out.

Norqain watches feature a combination of the essence for exploration, robust durability, and Swiss craftsmanship. Whether you are ocean diving, climbing mountain terrain, or pursuing another exciting outdoor adventure, Norqain watches are your key accessory for exploration. 

Check out our Norqain watches selection. For more information about our vast selection at Burdeen’s Jewelry,  call us today at 847.459.8980, or send a message to our team.

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