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Article: The Essential Omega Watch Collection

The Essential Omega Watch Collection

The Essential Omega Watch Collection

Fine watchmaking is an extremely competitive game and there are several major league players within it. One of the biggest players on the block is Omega. In 2014, Burdeen’s Jewelry was lucky enough to become an Authorized Dealer of this incredible Swiss brand.  If you are unfamiliar with the brand, you may be wondering what sets it apart from other famous Swiss watch brands in its class like Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre.

The brand's history begins in 1848, when a young watchmaker named Louis Brandt founded a small company in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. In its early days, the company was known for high-quality watch movements, including the famous Calibre 1894. Throughout the 20th Century, Omega became known for high-quality divers and chronographs, including the Seamaster and Speedmaster collections.  

But beyond the history, in order to properly answer what sets Omega apart from other Swiss watch brands, first, we have to introduce you to some of the most iconic automatic watches in the Omega line. Then, you can get a full idea of where Omega comes from and what makes it one of the most prestigious brands in haute horology.


The Definitive Chronograph - Omega Speedmaster

Without a doubt, the most famous watch in the Omega lineup is the Speedmaster. After all, how many timepieces have been to the moon? Omega’s Speedmaster is by far one of the most famous Swiss chronographs on the market today and is a must-have in any serious watch enthusiast’s collection. The most common, and most coveted, “Speedy” is the Speedmaster Professional. Most Speedmaster Professionals come with a classic black face, black subdials and white lettering with a stainless steel bracelet. Beyond the Professional line, there are also Moonwatches, Racing versions, and more. If you love chronographs, you have to get a Speedmaster.

Omega Speedmaster Racing watches come in several different colors including yellow, blue, gray and more. If you’re a fan of color in your chronographs, then the Speedmaster Racing is the timepiece for you. Like the Racing, the Moonwatch comes in several different color combinations including black, blue, gray and more.


Secret Agent Man's & Everyman's Diver - Omega Seamaster

Another venerable watch in the Omega collection is the Seamaster. There are so many variants of the Seamaster that it boggles even serious collectors’ minds. That said, each one of them is worth a look. These watches are gorgeous diving watches that are just as coveted as the famous Rolex Submariner. Since Pierce Brosnan's first foray as 007, the Seamaster has been draped on the wrists of the venerable secret agents.

Recently, the standard Seamaster Co-Axial 41mm has been redesigned into a retro-themed design that is somewhat similar to the Breitling Superocean Heritage. Needless to say, the effect is flat out gorgeous.

Other famous fantastic designs in the vast Seamaster lineup include the Planet Ocean line. Even though it debuted about a decade ago, the Planet Ocean has quickly become a classic. Its powerful presence, coupled with bombastic colors like orange, blue, and more, have quickly propelled the Seamaster Planet Ocean into the pantheon of Omega classics.

Other Seamasters include the Aqua Terra, which is a dressier variant of the dive watch. Unlike the other variants of the Seamaster, the Aqua Terra lacks a bezel, giving it less of a “tool” appearance and giving it more of a dressy appearance. However, it retains its Seamaster heritage thanks to its sword-like hands.

With so many different variants that fit into so many different subsets, a horologist could create an entire collection just from the Omega Seamaster lineup.


From the Ball Room to the Board Room - Omega Dress Watches

The Seamaster Aqua Terra isn’t the only dressy watch in the Omega collection and there are several watches that could easily go with a suit. Omega’s most famous dress watch is easily the Constellation collection. This watch has a chunky bezel that has a star in the 12 o’clock area and Roman numerals. This watch has throwback styling that is fit for a suit or tuxedo and has been at home in boardrooms since it hit the market more than 30 years ago.

What sets the Constellation collection apart from many other Swiss watches is the fact that it is just as at home on a woman's wrist as it is on man's.  In the current collection, there are four distinct Lady Constellations for a total of 219 total styles – and those are the models with cases less than 35mm. Plus, you can get Constellations up to 38mm in quartz and co-axial movements. If that’s not variety, we don’t know what is!

Another exclusive dress watch in the Omega collection is the De Ville. Ranging in size from 35mm to 42mm, the De Ville features Roman numerals, co-axial automatic movements, and cases ranging from under-the-radar stainless steel to gold to rose gold. The watches would be at home with any suit and any thinking man’s watch box. Plus, with 34 models to choose from, there is plenty of variety for you to sink your teeth into.

That, in a nutshell, is the Omega watch collection. Omega has one of the most diverse lineups in watchmaking. Collectors can create entire collections just from Omega watches – with enough variety for every outfit and every situation – from wearing a dive suit to wearing a tuxedo.

If you have any questions, please call any of Burdeen’s Jewelry’s watch experts. As a Chicagoland Omega Authorized Dealer, we’re equipped to sell and service any Omega timepiece.

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